Postpartum Massage


Postpartum care is not a luxury—it is a necessity. A cared for Mother is a cared for family.


Relieve the stresses of labor and delivery; tension in your neck, arms, wrists, and back from the high demands of holding and feeding your newborn; anxiety or depression; or retained fluids from medical interventions. This session is about nurturing you through the physiological process of the postpartum period.


Bring the nervous system to a deep relaxed state; reduce pain; regulate hormonal function; and sleep better.


The work is a blend of intuition, compassion, knowledge, energy, and the profound ability to work holistically integrating a tool box of modalities such as medical massage, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, acupressure, reiki, reflexology, breath-work, INNATE traditions, and self-care tips to maintain and integrate in your evolving routine through motherhood.



*You can receive postpartum massage as early as you feel comfortable. If you experienced medical complications or have any doubt, consult with your healthcare provider.


*Request a gift certificate for postpartum massage as a baby shower gift. You’ll be happy you did!


*Home-visits are offered within 6-weeks delivery. Scheduling is limited within the Metropolitan NY area at this time. Rates vary depending on location.

INNATE Traditions Postpartum Care Series


Realign your mind, body, heart, spirit and soul. Coming soon!

Baby Massage


For newborns to pre-crawlers


Take time-out from changing diapers and feeding to explore touch. This series is perfect for parents seeking creative ways to connect with their children. Caretakers and siblings are also welcome. 



Health benefits of infant massage:


  • Helps with digestion and moves waste elimination, improves circulation, supports the immune system, and balances breathing.

  • Promotes better sleep and body awareness.

  • Encourages family bonding. Creates love and intimacy.

  • Relaxation for all.

  • Encourages loving, non-violent individuals in society.


 Skills and topics you will learn:


  • Massage Techniques

  • Respect and Bonding

  • Infant Body Language and Positioning

  • Gas and Colic Routines

  • Relaxation



To set up a private visit; or gather a small group of your friends and their infants, email

"For me the experience was eye-opening and enjoyable. I had found myself running out of ideas struggling to keep Calvin happy and calm. Learning baby massage has added a new vehicle for entertaining, soothing and bonding with Calvin. Before I did the sessions I thought baby massage as a nice idea, but a bit of an unnecessary luxury. Now I massage Calvin nearly everyday and find it an invaluable and very pleasurable part of parenting. Another important outcome of the massage sessions for me was feeling more comfortable physically with my baby. He was only weeks old and I was still cautious and tentative, I guess scared to do something wrong. The massage sessions helped me get past this barrier and feel more comfortable with the physical aspects of caring for him. Thank you so much from me and Calvin. Your warm, gentle approach was much appreciated. I can see why Isabelle recommended you!”



- Sheena


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