Of the many aspects in infant development, what interests me the most is development within communication. Communication and the art of it. Beyond saying words that yet to have meaning for the newborn. Communication in the sense of being in awareness of our thoughts and actions; feeling the connection; and experiencing intention through touch.

The infant is on his or her own path of discovery to independence, as so are we. When the infant is born, we as adults have an opportunity to tune in to understanding this new being and develop a fresh new way of connecting. When we put ourselves aside (and this is quite a practice I know!!), we rediscover and create an intimate relationship with the infant. We deepen our understanding of their new growing personality day by day. We allow them to become our leaders of tomorrow.

Consider having the courage and Will to avoid getting caught up with mainstream-society pressures. Trust your baby’s process as it is individualized and a rewarding one.


Nicole Libschik