“Thanks again for a truly incredible massage. As I mentioned, I’ve had many, many massages over the years because of my neck injury, and yours was simply the best I’ve ever had. You have an incredible and intuitive sense of the human body, and I feel extremely lucky to have experienced your skill and technique on the massage table. I’m still as loose as I’ve been in ages.”
~ Kirk, St. Louis

“Nicole is absolutely wonderful!  It has been beneficial and an absolute pleasure to have worked with her for the past five years.  I am an athlete with cervical spine degeneration, which often leads to tension and discomfort throughout my neck, upper back and shoulder.  Nicole is able to substantively ease my pain and blockages.  She is furthermore able to convey a calm, positive energy that is both centering and invigorating.
Thank you Nicole!”
~ Sasha, New York City

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Nicole!  She made me feel very comfortable and with one session she was able to relieve the pain I was dealing with in my back and neck caused by the repetitive motions of my career.   In addition to the physical relief, I was surprised to feel so much more grounded, focused and energized after our session – an unexpected and amazing benefit of Nicole’s skill as a massage therapist. I can’t wait to have another session! I was suffering from back and neck pain and had very low energy – I’d wake up from a full night of sleep feeling like I needed to sleep another 8 hours, but couldn’t stand lying down any more because my back and neck hurt so much.  I didn’t realize it until after the massage, but both the pain and the low energy levels were deeply effecting my mood and ability to enjoy life.”
~ Jared Slater,
New York City

“Nicole is a fabulous massage therapist! I ALWAYS see results after I have spent time with her and over the past year she has made my life so much better!! I happily recommend her to anyone.”
~ Myla, New York City

“I’ve had many massages worldwide in my life due to once being a touring figure skater (basic body maintenance!!) and Nicole’s massage was one of the best. You can’t label it, she truly has her own style but it was both relaxing and strong, and incredibly intuitive.”
~ Laura, New York City